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Understanding the complexities of the tourism industry – and the data behind it – is what we do best. We’ve driven the way the industry analyses, forecasts and plans for the future for more than 20 years.

With so many sources of tourism data in the market – each one offering a different perspective – distilling it into workable solutions isn’t easy. We use our experience and insight to do just that for both public and private sector clients, across a very broad range of projects.

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We’re not just familiar with tourism industry data sources - we’ve designed and managed most of the important ones. We therefore know exactly how they should, and shouldn’t, be used. We combine this knowledge with advanced technical skills to transform complex tourism data into a practical way forward.

You need to have absolute confidence in your data when you’re making big decisions - that’s why the big tourism players turn to us when the stakes are high.

  • Project Palace

    Project Palace is a government-led initiative that aims to accelerate the supply of new hotels in key New Zealand destinations. We were commissioned by the government to develop the information and narrative required to promote New Zealand to international hotel investors. This involved modelling future hotel supply and demand scenarios to provide forecasts of key hotel performance metrics including occupancy rate, average daily rate, and revenue per available room. Our work was converted into an investment prospectus which was distributed through NZTE networks to potential hotel investors. Less than three years after the Project Palace initiative began the hotel investment pipeline in New Zealand has grown by more than 5,000 rooms. This represents up to $2 billion of additional foreign direct investment in New Zealand’s hotel stock.

  • Tourism Investment Programme

    The Tourism Investment Programme is a government-led initiative that aims to accelerate the development of major tourism products and services in New Zealand. We were commissioned by the New Zealand government to estimate and forecast demand for specific tourism products in specific locations (e.g. a bungy jump experience in the Bay of Plenty), to inform the investment process. This required detailed understanding and forecasting of customer preferences among domestic visitors and international visitors. The results of our analysis were converted into an investment prospectus which was widely distributed through NZTE networks to potential domestic and offshore investors.

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