Measuring value

We have extensive experience helping public and private sector clients quantify and compare the economic value of things that aren’t easily measured — like how much financial value an industry generates for the local economy, or how much more value could be created by changing the way things are done. By measuring current and expected future economic value, we create clarity about what’s worth protecting – and what’s worth investing in.

It’s not just about money

We know that money isn’t everything. In fact, in some cases it’s only a small part of the overall value equation. Important non-financial outcomes need to be measured too – particularly if there’s public money involved. Understanding and quantifying social value is a priority for us, and that’s not just lip service – we’ve invested in techniques that help cities measure the social impacts of events and other publicly-funded initiatives.

  • Cost-benefit analysis of Auckland Museum

    Auckland War Memorial Museum (Auckland Museum) is New Zealand’s oldest and largest Museum. Fresh info was asked to evaluate the social and economic costs and benefits of Auckland Museum in order to calculate the net benefit to society. This required identification and monetisation of a range of non-financial benefits including user benefits, community benefits (education, conservation, option and existence values), destination and brand benefits, and knowledge benefits. Our analysis showed that the benefits delivered by Auckland Museum were 62 percent higher than the costs.

  • Cost-benefit analysis of lighting Bay Oval

    Bay Oval is the premier cricket ground in the Bay of Plenty Region. Fresh Info was commissioned by Tauranga City Council to evaluate the costs and benefits to Tauranga of installing lights at Bay Oval that would allow it to host international day-night cricket matches. We used social cost-benefit analysis to enable the inclusion of both financial and non-financial benefits, which were measured against the capital cost of installing the lights. Our evaluation sought to identify the minimum number of additional international cricket matches required to justify the proposed investment. The decision was made to light Bay Oval in 2017, and since then Tauranga has hosted several international day-night cricket matches which have increased visitation to the region and also attracted wide media coverage.

Our clarity will give you confidence

We turn complex economic problems into clear solutions – giving you the information you need to make great decisions.

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